Advanced Synthesis Option Studios (ASOS)

The ASOS are a set of advanced studios offered every semester on various topics chosen by studio faculty based on their research and design interests. Topics vary from year to year, and are constantly evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing profession and global scene. An ASOS booklet is created each year (see download option at right) listing the likely topics of ASOS studios for the next two years. Students are encouraged to work with their advisors to plan ahead to create a course of study suited to their particular interests and ambitions. Since not every studio is available every semester, strategic planning is necessary. Students may focus or specialize on particular themes such as robotics, urbanism, or sustainable systems for several semesters, or they may connect different studios to satisfy more diverse interests. The theater design and global studios include travel abroad to visit a site. 

The ASOS studios are vertically integrated advanced studios that encourage the integration and exchange of ideas of students from various programs at the highest levels, including masters students from the MUD, MAAD, MSAECM, MSSD, and M.Arch programs, and students from departments outside of the SoA such as Drama and Emerging Media, as well as upper level B.Arch students. Such inter-disciplinary collaboration that brings together thinking from the arts and technology, research and design, large scale urban and ecological thinking, to detailed investigations of materials, fabrication strategies, and form strategies, is at the heart of the CMU and SoA experience.

Recent Advanced SyNthesis Option Studios

Joshua Bard  Robotic Affordances

Joshua Bard
Robotic Affordances

Eddy Man Kim  Liminal Interventions

Eddy Man Kim
Liminal Interventions

Dana Cupkova  Other Natures

Dana Cupkova
Other Natures

Vivian Loftness  STEAMBox

Vivian Loftness

Jeremy Ficca  Matter Matters

Jeremy Ficca
Matter Matters

Scott Smith  Furniture

Scott Smith

John Folan  Urban Design Build Studio

John Folan
Urban Design Build Studio