Master of Science and PhD Programs
Computational Design

The Computational Design program takes a computer science view of design, applying both the science and art of computing to design problems, in relation to creation, presentation, analysis, evaluation, interaction or aesthetic expression; in real and imagined applications, both perceived and conceived.

Our CD graduate program started in the late 1960's—among the first and best known in the country. From the beginning, the program has benefitted from close cooperation with other units of the university, particularly the School of Computer Science and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Computing has become increasingly important in nearly all areas of design: simulation, analysis, synthesis, tangible interaction, and people-centered as well as building-centered design algorithms. Students, then, are urged to utilize the wide-ranging expertise, facilities, and personnel available throughout the School of Architecture and the university.

Our research-based degree programs are intended for practitioners, educators and researchers in architecture, computer science, engineering and those interested in design. Our graduates go on to successful careers in government, industry, academia, and software development.