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Building Performance & Diagnostics

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Our graduate programs in Building Performance & Diagnostics (BPD) have long led the world in advanced building technologies that sustainably reshape the built environment.

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What's the Difference?

"Sustainability" was our passion and expertise long before it became a buzzword. Graduate students in our sustainability-focused programs work side-by-side in the Robert L. Preger Intelligent Workplace, benefitting from one another's experiences—but those experiences are specialized and distinct.

Building Performance & Diagnostics

The Master of Science in Building Performance & Diagnostics (MSBPD) degree program is intended for practitioners, researchers, and educators in architecture and the building industry who wish to be leaders in advanced building technologies and building performance outcomes. The program is based on the premise that the integrated design of building and community systems is critical for environmental sustainability and human health and productivity. The MSBPD is a building science and research-oriented program, with technical depth for careers in sustainability-focused professional practice, environmental research and consulting, the building industry, or pursuing a PhD in Building Science. 

Please feel free to contact Track Chair Vivian Loftness with questions about the BPD programs.

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Sustainable Design

The Master of Science in Sustainable Design program is a post-professional degree intended for recent graduates and practicing professionals who seek to gain expertise in sustainable design methodologies and return to professional work in a short time. This intensive 12-month curriculum stresses the importance and value of total-building performance, human-centered design and the integration of Design, Technology and Construction knowledge and experience. Classes provide both depth and breadth, while the culminating Synthesis Project allows each individual student the opportunity to narrow his or her research focus to a topic of personal interest. View the MSSD curriculum here.

Please feel free to contact Track Chair Dana Cupkova with questions about the MSSD program.

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Program Application Requirements

Building Performance & Diagnostics

We seek students who are highly self-motivated and passionate about research, with a balanced aptitude in both the art and science involved in sustainable development, who understand the important role the built environment must play if we are to create a sustainable future.