Master of Science in Architecture–Engineering–
Construction Management

Erica Cochran Hameen Track Co-Chair

JOshua D. Lee Track Co-Chair

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Architecture–Engineering–Construction Management (MSAECM) Program is jointly offered by the School of Architecture and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The MSAECM degree program is intended for practitioners, researchers, and educators in engineering, architecture, construction management fields, and other professionals in the building industry who wish to be leaders in advanced management technologies and their application to the built environment.

The program is designed to accommodate flexibility in the admission and graduation needs of candidates through program length and prerequisite courses that build up toward more advanced courses.

SoA offers two versions of the program, with varying residency requirements. The 9-month program is custom-designed for applicants with professional experience and advanced standing in core course categories. The 16-month program is designed for all other applicants. Both versions begin in the fall semester.

Please feel free to contact Track Chair Erica Cochran Hameen with questions about the MSAECM program.

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Graduates of both versions of the MSAECM program must satisfy three subject categories: Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods, and Project Management. Each category is designed with prerequisite, core, and advanced courses to allow students to begin at a level of difficulty appropriate for their background. All students are also required to complete a synthesis course sequence to apply theory they have covered in core courses to real project settings. The remainder of the coursework is completed through electives designated in the curriculum description.

In addition, 16-month students are required to complete a summer internship course during the summer semester.

View the MSAECM Advanced curriculum.


The MSAECM faculty is comprised of experienced educators from the School of Architecture, the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and the Heinz College of Public Policy & Management. This interdisciplinary faculty provides a strong foundation for gaining both breadth and depth of knowledge in this multifaceted program.

For more information about CMU's MSAECM program, please contact Erica Cochran Hameen, MSAECM Track Chair.

Program Frequently Asked Questions

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