Thesis and Dissertation Submission Procedures

Students in the Master of Science (MS) and doctoral (PhD) programs at SoA can only be certified for their degree after their thesis committee has approved their thesis, and an approved final electronic copy of it has been submitted to the Carnegie Mellon University Library’s system of record, KiltHub. Adding your thesis to the CMU catalogue will give you and your work greater visibility, and allow other researchers at CMU and around the world to learn from, and build on, your work.

To submit your thesis, follow these simple steps:

  • Download and fill this checklist for thesis submission.
  • Name this checklist using the following convention: AndrewID_Checklist_Department_Year
  • Name your approved thesis PDF using the following convention: AndrewID_Degree Type_ Department_Year
  • Send these two files electronically in PDF format to the graduate coordinator ( before the Final Grades deadline. 

Note: your thesis PDF should include the signatures page with your committee members' signature. You can download a template of the signatures page here. 

For questions, contact your track chair, or the graduate coordinator (