Heather Bizon

MMCH 308


Heather Bizon


Ann Kalla Assistant Professor 

Heather Bizon is the recipient of the 2018-19 Ann Kalla Professorship in Architecture. In this role, she is teaching as part of Dana Cupkova’s third year studio team in the fall 2018 semester. In spring 2019, she will run her own ASOS (Advanced Synthesis Option Studio) titled “Identity + Making: The American Mash-Up.” She will also deliver a lecture during the School of Architecture’s Fall 2018 Lecture Series.

Heather is an artist and architect working in New Haven, Connecticut. Her works explore the individual's perception of space and public/private domains through new media and technology, sculpture, architecture, and film. She has worked with MOS architects collaborating on projects of a range of scales from film to landscape to exhibitions to public works, including PS1 Young Architect's Pavilion 2009, Ordos 100 House in Mongolia Lot 006, and Marfa Drive In and Park. She received her B.Arch from Cornell University and M.Arch II from Yale University.