Berangere Lartigue

Associate Professor, Paul Sabatier University

Berangere Lartigue, PhD, is an Associate Professor at Paul Sabatier University, in Toulouse, France. She teaches heat transfer, thermodynamics and aerodynamics to undergraduate students. She has developed a new course on initiation to research for graduate students in the Master’s program for sustainable buildings.

Among her research topics, she investigates the thermal characterization of materials to analyze the relation between the materials’ micro-structure and their macroscopic thermal properties. She also studies optimization techniques to improve the thermal performance of building envelopes across multiple criteria such as energy consumption, daylighting or thermal comfort. She also develops models to simulate the behavior of buildings’ occupants using artificial intelligence techniques.

Berangere acts as an expert for reviews of European projects and as an associate editor for scientific journals.

She teaches in the SoA's Doctor of Professional Practice (DPP) program.