Our alumni are everywhere:

Across the globe, in design firms and industry, government and startups, challenging their communities and the world toward more sustainable, beautiful, fascinating, meaningful built environments.

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Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities for Alumni

Arnold W. Brunner Grant, AIA New York: Applications due 1 February 2018

  • Purpose: Advanced study in any area of architectural investigation that will effectively contribute to the knowledge, teaching or practice of the art and science of architecture. The proposed investigation is to result in a final written work, design project, research paper, or other form of presentation.
  • Award: Single award in the amount of $15,000
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be a U.S. citizen engaged in the profession of architecture or a related field and have received their first professional degree at least five years prior to the date of application.

Delbert Highlands Travel Fellowship, SoA Alumni Award: Next call for applications Spring 2019

  • Mission: The Delbert Highlands Travel Fellowship supports School of Architecture alumni in the study of collections belonging to locales to promote the professional development of awardees and contribute to the richness of our surroundings.
  • Award: Single award in the amount of $12,000
  • Eligibility: This award is open to alumni of the School of Architecture. Students in the final year of their studies may apply provided that they will have graduated by the time they would receive the award. Awardees cannot be enrolled in an educational institution during the period of travel. 

Selected Alumni Portfolios

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B.Arch Class of 2017

B.A. Class of 2017

B.Arch Class of 2016

B.Arch Class of 2015