Our alumni are everywhere: across the globe, in design firms and industry, government and startups, challenging their communities and the world toward more sustainable, beautiful, fascinating, meaningful built environments. Many in the press have raised alarms about the imperiled state of the architecture profession, but our graduates prove them spectacularly wrong. 

Apply for the Delbert C. Highlands Travel Fellowship!

This $12,000 biennial fellowship is named in honor of Professor Delbert Highlands, who taught courses in architectural design, design theory and architectural history at Carnegie Mellon from the 1960s through the first decade of this century. Always urging students to understand and ground their work firmly in particular locales, Highlands is widely recognized as a seminal teacher whose skill and understanding have enriched the education of generations of Carnegie Mellon students.

The Highlands Fellowship is available biennially to all alumni of the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. Past Highlands Fellowship winners have considered the relationship between Gambian vernacular and Louisiana Creole architecture, and the configuration of Byzantine churches converted to Ottoman mosques. 

Download the application for the 2016 award. Applications are due November 23, 2015.

View presentations from recent winners:

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