A retail space for Floriated Interpretation Nursery in Hazelwood.

Ms. Elaine Price started running Floriated Interpretation from her home before leasing a lot from Hazelwood Initiative. She is encouraging her neighbors to beautify their community with flowers. ALL ACCESS 02 is a space for Ms. Price to store dry goods in the spring, shade sun-sensitive plants in the summer, and protect plants from freezing over the winter. Her existing office shed is connected to the new retail area with a porch and common roof.

ALL ACCESS 02 features reused material finishes supplied by Construction Junction. The structure was prefabricated in a warehouse as a kit of parts. It is a site-specific iteration of the ALL ACCESS product intended for mass production. Standard door frames can showcase different materials based on availability. Since Ms. Price is leasing her lot, it is important that her shed is designed for deconstruction should she move. Prefabrication and construction were completed by a master carpenter and several Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP) apprentices as part of their job training. Steel components were custom fabricated by apprentices in TIP's welding trade school. Students were able to contribute to their community while learning marketable skills.

The reclaimed corrugated steel roof was designed with artwork to promote Ms. Price's flower business. Digital scripting software was used to abstract and image of a flower into a series of dots. A community event was held where local youth from the Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program, artists from Arts Excursion Unlimited, TIP apprentices, and UDBS students came together to paint the graphic.

The butterfly roof allows rain water to be collected in a common gutter directed toward a storage cistern where it is used for watering plants. A surplus standing seam polycarbonate system was used on the roof to allow light into the new space and porch. The tailored features of ALL ACCESS 02 will help Ms. Price run her business more effectively so she can continue to spread her love and knowledge of gardening.



Floriated Interpretation Nursery


Trade Institute of Pittsburgh
Construction Junction


John Folan, UDBS Director
Alise Kuwahara Day, UDBS Fellow
Tony Krause, Master Carpenter


J William Gott, UDBS Fellow; Naomie Laguerre, Garrett Rauck, Alexa Roberts, Rachel Sung