Student Life Resources

Carnegie Mellon University provides a full range of resources to support our students’ academic, financial, health, and technology needs. Check out CMU’s Student Experience site for more information about life on campus, information about what’s happening in Pittsburgh, student housing, and resources for planning a visit to campus.

SoA Student Organizations

The following organizations at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture support and enrich student life in the SoA community. These groups offer various opportunities to get involved and collaborate with fellow students beyond the classroom.

Additionally, Carnegie Mellon offers more than 350 clubs and organizations to serve the academic, social, physical, and spiritual well-being of our student population. CMU students are passionate about their interests, with organizations devoted to everything from athletics to business to board games and music.

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The CMU chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) creates a connection between students and the professional and academic world of architecture by offering members a diverse set of events and experiences including firm visits, local and national networking opportunities, community service build initiatives, and exposure to cutting edge developments within the field of architecture.

AIAS-CMU President
Selena Zhen

AIAS-CMU Advisor
Alexis McCune Secosky


National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The CMU chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) provides a community of purpose for students by championing diversity, advocating for an education that considers the socioeconomic consequences of design, and connecting students to minority professionals in the field.

Connect with the Pittsburgh chapter of NOMA to learn about upcoming events, meetings, and workshops.

NOMAS-CMU President
Alyssa Mayorga

Erica Cochran



inter·punct is a journal for architecture founded by students at Carnegie Mellon University and supported by the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. The journal has released two issues - para·meter (2013) and inter·view (2016).

inter·punct Co-Editors
Christoph Eckrich

Chitika Vasudeva

inter·punct Advisor
Mary-Lou Arscott

inter·punct Advisor
Spike Wolff


Undergraduate Architecture Student Advisory Council (SAC)

1st Year Representatives
Thomas Chen |
June Lee |
Lake Lewis |  

2nd Year Representatives
Eli King |
Jai Sawkar |
Ellen Zhu |  

3rd Year Representatives
Vincent Derienzo |
Cassie Howard |
Ryu Kondrup |

4th Year Representatives
Ghalya Alsanea |
Ali Katz |
Michael Powell |

5th Year Representatives
Miranda Ford |
Zain Islam-Hashmi |
Gargi Lagvankar |

SAC Advisor
Erica Oman

Graduate Architecture Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

GSA Representative
James Katungyi, PhD-BPD |
Shalini Priyadarshini, PhD-BPD |

MAAD/MSCD Representative
Ian Friedman |
Stephanie Smid |

MSAECM Representative
Damini Mathur |
Anuroy Vyas |

M.Arch Representative
Maddi Johnson |
Tye Silverthorne |

MSBPD Representative
Phillip Kuehne |
Xidai Yang |

MSSD Representative
Ruiji Sun |

MUD Representative
Abhinavv Singh |

Ph.D. Representative
Siliang Lu, PhD-BPD |

GSAC Advisor
Darlene Covington-Davis |


Architecture Peer Mentors (APM)

Architecture Peer Mentors (APM) connects first-year students with upperclassmen to encourage a community of mentorship, learning, and inter-year collaboration. Mentors assist students in their transition into the School of Architecture, establishing an early, mutually beneficial relationship.

APM Coordinator
Kelly Li

APM Advisor
Heather Workinger Midgley

SoA on Slack

Students are invited to connect with the School of Architecture on Slack. Use Slack to check the status of a plotter, ask questions about software, post links to cool articles, get critique on a studio project, organize a snack run, or anything else you might think of. Sign up at and access on your browser or as a desktop app.