The Hot Earth Catalog: Solutions for a Warming Planet
M 28 Jan | 5:00pm | Kresge Theatre (map)
Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture


THE HOT EARTH CATALOG: SOLUTIONS FOR A WARMING PLANET Planet Humanity will require radical strategies to both minimize climate change, and manage the impact of a changing climate. This lecture will present a variety of solutions conceived at the MIT Media Lab.

KIPP BRADFORD is an entrepreneur, technology consultant, educator, and innovator with a passion for making things. An interdisciplinary scientist and engineering researcher working at the boundaries of emerging technology and industries, he is the founder and co-founder of start-ups in the fields of HVAC+R, transportation, consumer products, and medical devices, and holds numerous patents for his inventions. Some of his more interesting projects have turned into kippkitts, an open source hardware manufacturer that makes an array of tools for engineers and designers. Kipp is founder of Revolution by Design, a non-profit education and research organization dedicated to empowerment through technology, and the Innovation Institute, an NSF-funded project teaching technology innovation to underserved youth in New York City.