liss werner
george n pauly jr fellow

Re-Entry - The Architecture Of Architecture And Their Eigenform
M 18 March 2013 | 6:00pm | Carnegie Museum of Art Theater
Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture

LISS C WERNER is a registered Architect in Berlin and visiting professor at CMU School of Architecture. She runs the upper level design by research studio ‘Codes in the Clouds’, developed at Bauhaus, Dessau Institute of Architecture in 2010. The studio defines architecture through code, data, and behavior to engage with the emergence of sublime, tectonically challenging form generation as dynamic system. Her research focuses on architecture as science of cybernetics and culture through the evolution of technology in order to develop computational design thinking for the paradigm shift of architecture in C21. Her exploration of rule-based architectural systems informed by cybernetics, self-organization, and a critical reflection offers one possibility to depart from a purely aesthetic understanding of a priori form towards a vocabulary and theory for an architecture of architecture. ‘FORM is a VERB and not a noun’. Liss C Werner studied at the Bartlett, RMIT, and Humboldt University. She worked on projects in the UK, Germany, and Russia. She teaches and lectures internationally since 2002 and contributed to a variety of conferences and exhibitions in the UK, Ukraine, Germany, China, Australia, and the US. Her work was exhibited at the 13th Venice Biennale 2012.