tatiana bilbao
tatiana bilbao sc

How We Do Architecture
M 23 April 2012 | 6:00pm | Carnegie Library Lecture Hall
Henry Hornbostel Lecture with reception sponsored by Epic Metals

TATIANA BILBAO, born in Mexico City in 1972, studied Architecture and Urbanism in Universidad Iberoamericana. Runs since 2004 a multidisciplinary office that has architectural design as its main practice; the studio analyzes urban and social crisis, as well as rigid codes of communication and telematics to use them as design tools. Through these strands, the office, regenerates spaces "humanized" to be aware and react to global capitalism, opening up niches for cultural and economic development. Creating a climate of collaboration where there are various disciplinary resonances in technical areas, theoretical and artistic works that affect the patterns and structures of society. In this way, there are buildings tending the ecological impact, which open channels of communication between the various social sectors, and detonate productive activities that enable different aesthetic experiences. The office associates work to the theme of resonance, which matches the frequency of a given systems with the frequency of an external drive, with certain information generated by another system. As with the ethics of otherness of Levinas, the office incorporates the other, which has not been recognized or accepted by the oligarchy intellectual, political and business, but that is on the lookout for a qualitative change and structural life.

Having done projects mainly in Mexico, the office has done buildings, exhibitions and interventions all over the world, mainly China, Spain, France and the USA. Tatiana Bilbao has been invited professor in different Universities and lecturing in places such as Architectural Association in London, University of Cambridge, University of Texas in Austin, University of Stuttgart, Dessau among others. Prizes include Emerging Voices 2009 of the Architectural League of New York, Best of the Best, Red Dot Awards, Design Vanguard 2007. Exhibitions include Instituto de la Cultura de Mexico en San Antonio, Texas, MACO in Oaxaca, and the Venice Biennale.