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By The Light - Of The Silvery Moon
M 02 April 2012 | 6:00pm | Carnegie Museum of Art Theater
Hans Vetter Memorial Lecture

PETER STUTCHBURY ARCHITECTURE (PSA) is a collection of unique individuals with the talents that maintain standards of design, quality and delivery. Their comprehension of the tasks of architecture, along with their abilities to improve work, unmistakably contribute to the social and professional result of the firm’s projects. PSA is well known in Australia for their innovative approach to sustainability and design within the practice of architecture. The firm has won 41 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Awards, including 11 National Awards. PSA have exhibited work across Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, USA, Japan and Slovenia and at the Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy in both 2006 and 2008. Time spent living in the desert country of western NSW during Mr Stutchbury’s formative years allowed him to develop an appreciation of the logic behind Australian landscape and the sensitivities that enable the land its sustainability. He aspires to elevating the status and respect that our wider environment deserves into the day-to-day culture of architectural disciplines and Australian lifestyle. Stutchbury sees buildings as rooms of education – the bridge between walking in the bush and wandering through the mind. Ultimately people are the act of integration within a true work of architecture. His lecture will present a history of design thinking, influences and outcomes.