New Spaces For New Bodies
M 23 January 2012 | 6:00pm | Carnegie Museum of Art Theater

TRONIC invents new realms of experience through the development of spaces which exist between the real and virtual. The convergence of physical architecture, video, animation, web and interactive technologies fuse idea, image, movement and experience. Tronic is a New York City based digital design and media studio founded in 2001 by Vivian Rosenthal and Jessi Seppi. graduates of the Columbia School of Architecture. The duo, sometimes referred to as ‘visual futurists’, founded Tronic based on the principles of convergence in media. From architecture and experimental design to film and animation, Tronic blurs the lines of traditional media. Their projects move between art and advertising, often eradicating the distinction between the two. Tronic has crafted digital experiences for Nike, AT&T and Xbox, commercials and branded content for Ferrari, Comcast, Samsung and 2K Games, and architectural animation for Herzog & de Meuron (56 Leonard). They have created physical installations for Diesel, Hitachi, Sharp and LaCoste; their latest projects for GE, Yahoo and Target explore gesture-based interactive installations that further blur the line between the digital and the physical world.