Dora Epstein Jones, SCI-ARC / Jones, Partners: Architecture

M 07 February  |  6:00pm  |  Carnegie Museum of Art Theater
Lecture cosponsored by Epic Metals

Dora Epstein Jones is a historian, theorist and professor of cultural studies and architectural culture at SCI-Arc and a long-time collaborator with Jones, Partners: Architecture. Dr Epstein Jones’ work focuses on the discipline of architecture, and includes interrogations on the discipline’s boundaries and operations through examinations of tectonics, practice and pedagogy, as well as (generally external) concerns such as gender, sex, mobility and criticality. Dr Epstein Jones' lecture 'Same Old, Same Old' focuses on the history of prefabrication tectonics. The contemporary companion to the historical work on Gropius and the tectonic limits of single-module or single-system fabrication; just because the forms are new, does not mean the old problems vanish.