a. ACCESSIBILITY: To utilize the CNC Equipment Safely and Successfully; Users require experience, extensive training, and constant monitoring/attention. Students are approved to use equipment, after attending a dFAB Certified Course and/or Training Session. Approved Users must abide by Reservation, Facility & Equipment Policy and Procedure to ensure a safe, and successful working environment.

b. SAFETY:  Improper Equipment use, posing a threat to the User, or others; will be grounds for Equipment and/or Facility Suspension. (i.e. recreation, not following proper procedure or instruction, ruining equipment)

c. EYEWEAR: Safety Eye wear is required when the User is in the CNC Room, while Equipment is in motion. If you are repeatedly disobedient, your time on the CNC Equipment will be forfeited. (Safety Eye-Wear is provided)

d. MASKS: When cleaning the CNC Equipment and Area, Users are required to wear proper Breathing Protection/Masks. If you are repeatedly disobedient, your time on the CNC Equipment will be forfeited. (Breathing Masks are provided)

e. EAR: Ear Protection is provided and recommended while utilizing this Equipment. This protective measure is optional.

f. DRESS: Closed Toe Shoes are required when using this Equipment (NO high-heels flip- flops, etc.). Scarves, and other ‘loose’ Clothing Accessories are disallowed. It is recommended that Users tie back long hair; and ‘roll-up’ Long Sleeves.

g. MILLING BITS: If you require the use of a Milling Tool, normally not included in the default library; you may request a Special Bit from a Monitor, or Manager. dFAB Staff will remove, and replace the bit for you. If you require a bit not typically provided for student use; you may request/purchase a bit from dFAB Management.

h. PROCEDURE: The CNC Equipment involves several Procedural Steps that should be completed before, and after all operations. dFAB Staff is available for assistance. Should a User destroy, ruin, or damage any equipment accessories, (i.e. bit breakage, damaged Spoilboard etc,) due to improper completion or in-completion of correct CNC Procedure; the User and Employee on duty will be fined 25% of the Full Cost to fix the Equipment.

i. CLEANING: You are required to clean up any dust, debris and scrap left in the CNC Room. There are several Brooms/Brushes for sweeping, and a Large Dust Collection System for Vacuuming. All Large Scraps should be disposed of, in the Dumpster behind MMCH. Plan on 15-20 minutes to complete all clean-up tasks at the end of each job. If the room and/or equipment is not sufficiently cleaned, the student(s) is subject to a Cleaning Fee.

j. ASSISTANCE: Be sure to have a Partner readily available, if you require assistance with the transportation, removal, or movement of Material. dFAB Staff Members are available to assist with File Preparation and various related Computing Tasks- they are not required to assist you with heavy lifting and clean-up tasks.

k. FASTENING: Material that does not hold on the Vacuum Table, due to non-planar surfaces, warping or bowing; will be removed from the Work-Area and disallowed from CNC Processing. Common problematic materials typically include Plywood: CDX Grade, Low Grade Birch, OSB. Add’l methods for fastening Materials to the CNC Work Table that WILL NOT damage, destroy, degrade, or impair the Vacuum Table- are allowable. Fastening Methods that directly relate to the damage, destruction, or impairment of CNC Equipment will result in FULL reimbursement from the User (i.e. Milling Tool Chipping/Breaking, Dust-Boot Damage etc.).

l. MATERIALS: Approved Materials include: Plastics, Lumber, Foam, and Aluminum. Disallowed Materials include, but are NOT limited to: Homasote, Drywall, Steel (Ferrous Metals) See dFAB Management with any questions or concerns regarding material selection. Users planning on Milling Aluminum or Hard Plastics MUST speak with Management.

m. APPROVAL: Equipment is for Research and Learning Purposes ONLY. File Preparation, Equipment Use, and Completed Parts MUST be Course Related. Instances involving, but not limited to: Crafts, Gifts, ‘Buggy’ Builds, Non/Minimal Design Related Competitions, Carnival Projects etc.; are NOT approved and will immediately be removed from the CNC Work-Area.