Miller ICA

An Atlas of Commoning Salon Series: Neither Public, Nor Private Thu 18 July 6-8pm at Miller ICA

In concert with the Miller ICA's current exhibition, An Atlas of Commoning, Neither Public, Nor Private will be a conversation that gives space to define both implicit and explicit rules around what makes public, and what makes private - while interrupting a binary of public and private to learn about how we practice, survive and locate our selves/community in all of the spaces in between.

An Atlas of Commoning Exhibition Opens Sat 29 June at Miller ICA

The international premiere of An Atlas of Commoning opens Saturday 29 June at the Miller ICA at CMU. Curated by Associate Professor Stefan Gruber and fueled by the collaborative research and thesis projects of Master of Urban Design students, the exhibition explores how citizen-led initiatives can transform cities into more just and resilient places.