Announcing the SoA’s 2018 Design Awards Winners

The Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 SoA Design Awards. Head Steve Lee and Award Committee Chairs Jeremy Ficca and Gerard Damiani recognized the winners during the annual ceremony, held Wednesday,11 April 2018 in the Kresge Theatre. Please join us in congratulating the winners on their tremendous accomplishments, and thanks to all of those who participated in this year’s competitions and those who joined us for the event. 


George W. Anderson, Jr. Award | 1st Place Winner: Roshni Krishnan, MSSD 2018
Project Title: Hostels for Hope | 1st Place Award: $3,000 | 2nd Place Winners: Manuel Rodriguez Ladron de Guevara, MAAD 2018, Mass Instantiations in Architectural Design for Cost Efficient Fabrication & Shalini Priyadarshini, PhD-AECM 2020, Labor Productivity and Organization Performance in Specialty Trade Construction | 2nd Place Award: $2,000 between two prizes

The George W. Anderson, Jr. Award recognizes graduate students studying in the School of Architecture who demonstrate through their work “an exceptional level of attention to detail and dedication to beneficially impacting the community” through a completed project.

Burdett Assistantship | Winners: Zain Islam-Hashmi, B.Arch 2019 & Gargi Lagvankar, B.Arch 2019 | Project Title: Topographic Textures | Award: $5,000 between two prizes

The Burdett Assistantship was established on 10 December 1982 in recognition of Bob Burdett’s long and outstanding service to the University and profession. The award is open to all undergraduate students pursuing their first professional degree in architecture, and is intended to support projects and activities that will enhance the winning student’s future work. According to its charter, the winner of the Burdett Assistantship “shall possess love of their subject, integrity, patience, fairness, and respect for others.”

Alwin Cassens, Jr. Memorial Fund in Architecture | Winner: Alison Katz, B.Arch 2020 on behalf of Freedom By Design CMU Chapter | Travel: Attend AIAS Grassroots 2018 | Award: $2,200

The Alwin Cassens, Jr. Memorial Fund in Architecture was established in 2015 by Diane Cassens Cummins and Richard Cummins, and Joan Cassens Zinner (MM ’66) in memory of Diane and Joan’s father Alwin Cassens, Jr. (A ’34). The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to students enrolled in the School of Architecture who are traveling on behalf of the School of Architecture for conferences or other related travel in support of their academic pursuits in the area of public interest design.

Deller Prize in Sustainable Architecture and Real Estate | Winner: Gargi Lagvankar, B.Arch 2019 | Award: $4,500 and paid summer internship with the Deller Companies in Quito, Ecuador

The Deller Prize in Sustainable Architecture and Real Estate was established by the Deller family of Quito, Ecuador in recognition of the depth and breadth of education that Adriel Deller (B.Arch 2013) received at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. The award encourages architecture students to pursue non-traditional career paths, specifically to grow their skills in the specialty of design, construction, and sustainability under the umbrella of the real estate business.

Fourth-Year Design Awards
The School of Architecture recognizes and celebrates design excellence through the Bachelor of Architecture Fourth-Year Design Awards program. The awards consist of the Luther S. Lashmit and Louis F. Valentour Traveling Scholarships, which recognize design excellence and support international travel and research. All Bachelor of Architecture students in their fourth year of studies are eligible to apply to the multi-round program. SoA faculty review submissions and select up to eight (8) finalists to proceed to the second round, where shortlisted students stage an exhibit of their design work in the school and online. SoA faculty conduct a second jury of these finalists to select the award recipients.

Luther S. Lashmit Award | Winner: Kelly Li, B.Arch 2019 | Award: $5,000

The Luther S. Lashmit Award is given annually to a fourth year student for the purpose of travel. 

Louis F. Valentour A’49 Traveling Scholarship Fund | Winner: Elizabeth Levy, B.Arch 2019 | Award: $9,000

The Louis F. Valentour A’49 Traveling Scholarship Fund was established for undergraduate students in Architecture who have completed their fourth year of study. The award is intended for travel outside the continental United States.

Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture | Winners: Students of the Gerard Damiani Advanced Synthesis Options Studio Palladio: Institute + Archive | Award: $5,000

The Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture has been established to promote continuity of the classical tradition in contemporary architectural practice. It encourages design excellence based on long-standing design principles that promote beauty and harmony in the built environment. Endowed by Mark Ferguson (Arch ’78) and Natalie Jacobs (Arch ’79), this prize is available in alternating years to students and faculty in the SoA. The prize supports projects that explore the classical tradition as vital knowledge to an architect’s education, practice, and scholarship. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of knowledge of the classical tradition and impact on the wider School of Architecture community.

Payette Prize in Building Science | Winner: Timothy Khalifa, B.Arch 2019 | Award: $4,500

Payette Associates, an international architecture firm in Boston, MA established the Payette Prize in Building Science to recognize the accomplishments of a B.Arch student that has achieved exceptional performance by integrating the fundamentals of building science in the execution of their 3rd year studio projects.

EPIC Metals Competition | 1st place: Fon Euchukanonchai & Hugh Lee | 2nd place: Christina Brown & Scarlet Tong | 3rd place: Xin Chen & Christine Zhu | Finalists: Alison Katz & Michael Powell; Liale Nijem & Mariana Alberola | Award: $2,400 between three prizes

The Epic Metals Corporation sponsors the EPIC Metals competition for Carnegie Mellon third-year Bachelor of Architecture students to design an innovative object utilizing metal deck systems. Students compete for up to three prizes – first, second, and third place – which share $2,400 in prize money. The first-place team may be invited to tour Epic Metals’ manufacturing plant in Rankin, PA.

Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc. Internship Fund | Winner: Zain Islam-Hashmi, B.Arch 2019 | Internship: Domaine de Boisbuchet 16500 Lessac, France | Award: $3,000

The Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc. Internship Fund has been established through the generosity of James Halpern, BAC ’81. The Fund provides financial support to a SoA undergraduate student who wishes to undertake a summer internship or related program under the guidance of established professionals. The internship fund recognizes the importance and advantage of being immersed for an extended period in the creative processes and organizational dynamics of an architecture firm, non-governmental organization, non-profit organization, or CMU faculty member.



Margaret B. Gruger (A’41) Faculty Fund | Winner: Jeremy Ficca | Project Title: Graphic Outputs: Drawing, Appearing, Representing, Imaging | Award: $5,000

The Margaret B. Gruger (A’41) Faculty Fund was established to support the needs of the School of Architecture and its faculty by supporting projects that advance the mission and reputation of the School.

Isabel Sophia Liceaga Discretionary Fund | Winners: Daragh Byrne & Dana Cupkova | Project Title: Towards Sentient Matter: Architecture as a Mood Ring | Award: $2,000

The Isabel Sophia Liceaga Discretionary Fund was established to support faculty-led projects that critically engage students and advance the mission and reputation of the School of Architecture.