CodeLab Installation “Molecular Tectonics I” on view in CFA Great Hall through May 8


The School of Architecture invites you to visit the CodeLab installation “Molecular Tectonics I” in the College of Fine Arts Great Hall through Wednesday 08 May. The installation explores space and form at the intersection of parametric flexibility, modular logic, and material behavior. It is located at the main entrance of CFA as part of the EX-CHANGE year-end exhibition.

The installation, developed using computational design and fabrication methods, reconstructs the Weiran-Phelan structure — a geometric approximation of foam bubbles — relying entirely on dry, friction-based mechanical assemblies. A computationally adaptive joint was developed to resolve demands for material deformation at each node.

The installation was created by the Generative Fabrication project at CodeLab. The research and making team consisted of Jingyang Liu, Yi-Chin Lee, Weixin Liu, Shang Liu, Samson Liu, and Chitika Vasudeva — with thanks to the dFab Lab and the SoA Shop for crucial material assistance.