Human-Machine Virtuosity Final Show is Wed 01 May @ 5:30pm

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The School of Architecture is pleased to announce the final show and exhibition for the IDeATe course Human-Machine Virtuosity, hosted by the SoA’s dFAB Lab, on Wednesday, 01 May 2019 from 5:30-7:00pm in CFA 214. Students from the Spring 2019 course will present their hybrid (human-machine) design systems created in collaboration with local artists.

During the spring 2019 semester, students in Human-Machine Virtuosity partnered with a group of local Pittsburgh artists to explore the possibilities of computer aided design and manufacturing in creative practice. Each team of four students has been paired with a visiting artist to collaborate on the design of a hybrid (human-machine) design system that augments the creative output of the artist's media of choice. This is the first time that the school has paired students with visiting artists in this way.

The projects include one developed in collaboration with a local graffiti specialist to teach a robot to spray customized tags. Another group is working with a wood block print artist to scale small and detailed prints to the size of a building facade using computer vision and robotic carving. These artists are skilled in a variety of physical media and have interesting creative practices. This semester has allowed the artists to experiment with new modes of technology to extend their existing practice. The pieces at the show reflect the collaboration with CMU students to explore hybrid physical digital skills in the arts.  

Course Overview
Human dexterous skill embodies a wealth of physical understanding which complements computer-based design and machine fabrication. This project-oriented course explores the duality between hand and machine through the practical development of innovative design and fabrication systems. These systems fluidly combine the expressivity and intuition of physical tools with the scalability and precision of the digital realm. Students will develop novel hybrid design and production workflows combining analog and digital processes to support the design and fabrication of their chosen projects. Areas of interest include architecture, art, and product design. This course is part of the Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe) program at Carnegie Mellon University and is hosted by the School of Architecture's dFAB Lab.

Visiting Artists
Paul Roden
Lizzee Solomon
Genevieve Barbee-Turner
Jerome "Chu" Charles + Max Gonzales

Project videos and images from previous semesters, as well as ongoing work from this semester, available at the following links: Spring 17 | Spring 18 | Spring 19