SoA Students Construct Official Entryway for CMU Spring Carnival


At this year’s Spring Carnival event at CMU, a group of 50 School of Architecture students have started a new tradition by designing and building the official entryway to the Midway festivities. The effort is led by SoA Pavilion Committee chairs Ghalya Alsanea (B.Arch ’20), Edward Fischer (B.Arch ’21), and Ryu Kondrup (B.Arch ’21). The 16-foot-tall archway establishes a new presence for the SoA at the annual event.

The team of students envisions the archway as a sustainable structure, aligning with this year’s Carnival theme “Planet Earth.” They plan to repurpose the materials following deconstruction. Made up of wooden, three-axis modules, the rectangular arch will welcome alumni and friends back to campus while showcasing the department’s construction skills and innovative design work.

"To have this project go from an idea to an actualization is priceless," said Ghalya. "The archway was created to be sustainable. It can be disassembled and reassembled to be reused later on. The pieces can be used to create tables or chairs."

Read the full story on the CMU News site, and check out the video below to learn more.