Jeremy Smith of New Zealand-based Irving Smith Architects to Lecture Mon 25 Feb



Soft Architecture: is being finished finished?
M 25 Feb | 5:00pm | Kresge Theatre
Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture

Join the School of Architecture on Monday 25 February at 5:00pm for the next installment of our 2019 Spring Lecture Series.

We'll be joined by Jeremy Smith, partner and design director at Irving Smith Architects in New Zealand presenting his talk "Soft Architecture: is being finished finished?"

SOFT ARCHITECTURE: IS BEING FINISHED FINISHED? We’ve been taught to mow a lawn around buildings so they don’t need changing. But is being finished finished?

JEREMY SMITH is partner and design director at Irving Smith Architects, a research based design practice working in sensitive environments throughout New Zealand and abroad. Irving Smith demonstrates an ongoing commitment to innovative, sustainable, and research based design. Irving Smith’s work strikes a continual dialogue between building and context, developing an understanding of how buildings inhabit an environment that constantly undergoes change, in city or rural landscapes, with work sensitive to environmental sustainability and community understanding. Irving Smith develops subtle and well-articulated works that are varied in type and scale, contemporary responses to time and place.