SoA Faculty to Present at 10th Anniversary of the EcoDistricts Summit in Pittsburgh Nov 4-5

EcoDistrict Summit.jpg

SoA faculty Stefan Gruber, Associate Professor and Christine Mondor, Adjunct and Strategic Principal of evolveEA will speak at the 10th Anniversary of the EcoDistricts Summit in Pittsburgh Nov 4-5, 2019. Mondor’s firm evolveEA has done extensive work with EcoDistricts in the Pittsburgh region, including in the Borough of Etna, which will be named the world’s first certified EcoDistrict during the event.

Ray Gastil, newly appointed David Lewis Director of Urban Design and Regional Engagement in the School of Architecture and Director of the Remaking Cities Institute, will also participate as the special guest during the summit’s opening reception.

About the EcoDistricts Summit

The EcoDistricts Summit is where community and urban leaders come together to reimagine cities – from the neighborhood up.

This November 4-5, EcoDistricts will welcome over 400 urban changemakers to Pittsburgh to co-design the neighborhoods of the future.

In celebration of the 10th Annual Summit, EcoDistricts is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh and regional leaders to bring the Summit to one of the most dynamic cities in the U.S. Pittsburgh is often cited as one of the world’s most dramatic “turnaround” stories – a region rich in history and economic might that has reemerged from the collapse of the American steel manufacturing industry to rise again as a center of place-based sustainability and urban vibrancy. It is no wonder that Pittsburgh has emerged as a center of the EcoDistricts movement for over a decade.