GBBN’S Design Issues Series 2018 Exhibit Parallax Pavilion in Pittsburgh Oct 5

PARALLAX PAVILION: GBBN’S Design Issues Series (DIS) 2018 Exhibit

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par∙al∙lax /ˈperəˌlaks/ the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

The Parallax Pavilion

Architecture and design shape people’s daily experiences. On a small scale, the Parallax Pavilion does just that. This temporary installation, designed and crafted by a series of internal teams crisscrossing our U.S. offices, invites people to see things differently.

Experience the exhibit in Pittsburgh during the Pittsburgh Unblurred Happy Hour on Friday, 5 October 2018 from 6:00-8:00pm at
GBBN’s Pittsburgh office, 5411 Penn Avenue.

About DIS

GBBN’s 2018 Design Issues Series (DIS) exhibit digs into architecture’s power to change perceptions. Inspired by our new brand identity and continuing evolution, we’re working together over the course of the year to research, plan, design, test, scrap, re-test, refine, and build a temporary installation. We’re using our Parallax Pavilion exhibit to show how design can bring equity to our communities, alter viewpoints, generate empathy and…look totally badass.

About GBBN
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