Announcing the 2018-19 AIAS Executive Board


The School of Architecture congratulates the newly elected members of the 2018-2019 AIAS Executive Board:

AIAS President - Selena Zhen (3rd Year)
AIAS Vice President - Vincent DeRienzo (2nd Year)
AIAS Secretary - Veronica Hernandez Garrido (1st Year)
AIAS Treasurer - Ale Meza (2nd Year)
AIAS Outreach Programming Coordinator - Cassie Howard (2nd Year)
AIAS Professional Development Coordinator - Timmy Khalifa (4th Year) 

Freedom By Design Director - Ali Katz (3rd Year)
Freedom By Design Project Manager - Christoph Eckrich (2nd Year)
Freedom By Design Design Development Director - Alina Kramkova (3rd Year)
Freedom By Design PR - Michael Powell (3rd Year)

The newly elected officers will officially assume their responsibilities in May 2018 for a one-year term.