Join us TUESDAY 9 Oct for Lecture with Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture



5:30pm | Kresge Theatre

(please note that the event is on Tuesday, and not on the usual Monday night!)

Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture

Co-sponsored by IDeATe, Carnegie Mellon’s Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology network

Join the School of Architecture on Tuesday 09 October at 5:30pm for the next installment of our 2018 Fall Lecture Series.

We'll be joined by Eyal Weizman, director of Forensic Architecture, which undertakes advanced architectural and media research, modeling dynamic events as they unfold in space and time, on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights organizations, and political and environmental justice groups.

Weizman is an architect, Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures, and Director of Forensic Architecture. He is a founding member of the architectural collective DAAR in Beit Sahour/Palestine. His books include Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability (2017), The Conflict Shoreline (with Fazal Sheikh, 2015), FORENSIS (with Anselm Franke, 2014), Mengele’s Skull (with Thomas Keenan at Sterenberg Press, 2012), Forensic Architecture (dOCUMENTA13 notebook, 2012), The Least of All Possible Evils(Verso, 2011), Hollow Land (Verso, 2007), A Civilian Occupation (Verso, 2003), the series Territories 1, 2, and 3, Yellow Rhythms and many articles in journals, magazines, and edited books. He has worked with a variety of NGOs worldwide and was a member of the B’Tselem board of directors.