Seven SoA Graduate Students Receive 2018 GuSH Research Grants from CMU


The School of Architecture is pleased to announce that seven graduate students have received 2018 Graduate Small Project Help (GuSH) Research Grants from Carnegie Mellon University. Combined, the students received over $5,000 in support of their research efforts. The large number of SoA graduate students receiving GuSH funding this year is a testament to the strength of the research activities currently underway across the school’s broad range of Master’s and PhD programs.

The awarded students, and their research project titles, listed below:

  • Lola Ben Alon, PhD-AECM Candidate | “Integrating Earthen Building Materials and Methods into Mainstream Construction”

  • Özgüç Bertuğ Çapunaman, MSCD 2019 | “CAM as a Tool for Creative Expression: Fabrication Through Human Interaction”

  • Wei-Wei Chi, MSCD 2019 | “3D Texture Interface in CAD: Cultivating Material Knowledge for the Practiced Digital Hand”

  • Manuel Rodriguez Ladron de Guevara, PhD-CD Candidate | “Multi-Resolution in Architectural Design: Human-Machine Collaboration Practices for Manufacturing Digitally Designed Complex Surfaces”

  • Jinmo Rhee, MSCD 2019 | “Computational Design Study Material Development: Introduction to Digital Media”

  • Gautam Thakkar, M.Arch 2019 | “Commoning the City - Urban Collaborative Studio”

  • Chenlu Zhang, PhD-BPD Candidate | “Individual differences in thermal environment preferences”

About GSA/Provost Office GuSH Grants

GuSH Research grants provide small grants to graduate students for forwarding their research at Carnegie Mellon University. Grants are provided by the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) and the Provost's Office, and are managed by the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education. GuSH grants are intended to be used against costs incurred in the completion of research required for a graduate degree at Carnegie Mellon. These funds are intended to be utilized by students whose personal or departmental resources have been exhausted. Awarded funds are applied directly to costs related to completing a student’s thesis, dissertation, or degree-completion requirements. All graduate students who accept GuSH research funding commit to presenting a poster, paper, PowerPoint, performance or other appropriate format of their work at the annual Innovation with Impact Research Exhibition during Graduate Student Appreciation Week. This coming year the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, 4 April 2019.