Daniel Cardoso Llach to Deliver Computational Design “Masterclass” at Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany

cardoso weimar.jpg

Assistant Professor Daniel Cardoso Llach will deliver an evening lecture and conduct a one-day “masterclass” at the Bauhaus Universität (University) in Weimar, Germany this week. The lecture, entitled “The Calculative Imagination: Computation and the Boundaries of Design,” will examine how computing technologies have kindled new visual and material languages, as well as new understandings of the design process and its actors. Introducing recent research developed at the School of Architecture’s Code Lab at CMU, the one-day class will delve into specific aspects of computing in design, from material production and organizational change, to data-enriched models for architectural design and analysis.

The Bauhaus Digital Masterclass brings international and national scholars to Weimar for one-day seminars accompanied by an evening lecture. The lecture and class are attended by students from media-studies, architecture, urban planning and design, as well as students from universities outside of Weimar, whose travel is subsidized by the university.