Pedro Veloso Co-Authors Paper in Automation in Construction Journal

aic 96.jpg

Graduate Instructor Pedro Veloso recently co-authored a paper with Brazilian researchers Gabriela Celani and Rodrigo Scheeren published in Volume 96 of the journal Automation in Construction.

The paper, entitled “From the generation of layouts to the production of construction documents: An application in the customization of apartment plans”, describes an application of shape grammars in the customization of apartment plans by using a workflow that goes from the interactive generation of plans to their full representation as a complete (3D) BIM model. The work shows the feasibility of a system that allows the customization of home plans in an automated manner. Abstract provided below. The paper is available for free download through 21 November 2018.



This paper describes a design customization system that integrates two aspects of Computer-Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) that are usually developed in separate workflows: the algorithmic generation of designs and the detailed representation of the building. The system's workflow starts with the definition of shape grammar rules by an architect. The rules are then automatically imported into a user interface that allows future owners to interactively custom-design their apartment plans. Finally, the plans are automatically converted into detailed Building Information Models (BIM), which allow the architect to add custom finishes, estimate building costs, and automatically generate construction drawings. We conclude that our workflow could contribute to the real customization of houses and other simple architectural programmes, assuring the quality of the outcomes through shape grammars rules and at the same time reducing the cost of production drawings through automation. The paper ends with some suggestions of improvements in BIM software that would allow its integration with shape grammars and the implementation of our workflow in a simpler way.