Samantha Weaver Presents at 2017 Main Street Now Conference

Samantha Weaver, Assistant Director, STEM-based & Outreach Programs in the School of Architecture and Founder and Project Director of the Architecture Learning Network (ALN) presented at this week's 2017 Main Street Now Conference in Pittsburgh.

Presentation Description: The Main Street of a community can be an excellent resource for inspiring students. Hear how the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (PHLF) capitalizes on the interdisciplinary nature of architecture to organize award-winning walking tours, architectural design competitions, poetry and art book-publishing projects, website development, and career awareness programs for school students. Find out how young people are becoming "Community Builders" by completing a "playlist" of programs offered through the Architecture Learning Network, a partnership of six organizations including PHLF and Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture. Participants will discover what helps ensure a successful education program, learn how to offer affordable programs, and be encouraged to develop programs for students in their hometowns.

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