ECOLOGICS Final Review & Exhibit 12 May

Please join us at the final review and exhibit of the work that the students have been pursuing during the spring semester. This seminar has been conducted at the CFA level and is part of the IDeATe initiative. The students who participated in the class range in their focus of studies from art to design, architecture, master of science and urbanism. We will welcome an external guest, Prof. Rhett Russo, who will be visiting  us from New York for the day.

Ecologics is a design-research seminar that investigates adaptive dynamic behaviors inspired by natural processes and biomimetics as a basis for design ideas and argues for built environment as part of larger planetary ecology. Students are introduced to computational design thinking and digital fabrication, using contemporary parametric modeling to incorporate environmental information into a series of recursion and material interpretations. The objective is to speculate about translation of performative contingencies into functional  morphologies informed by data sets and simulation. We engage design processes in which systems’ performance metrics underpin creative exploration of organization and form. The seminar results in the design and prototype of an individually proposed project.

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