Timothy Khalifa and Gunn Chaiyapatranun Win 12th Annual Epic Metals Design Competition

Each spring, the Epic® Metals Corporation sponsors a competition for SoA's third-year students to design an innovative project incorporating metal deck systems. The top three finishers in the competition receive prize awards in the amount of $1000, $800 and $600 for first, second and third place respectively.

This spring, third-year students in Head of School Steve Lee's integration studio spent the semester designing prototypes for a self-sufficient shelter to engage Pittsburgh's Environmental Charter School students in learning about the universe through celestial observations.

From the Primitive Hut illustrated by Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen in the frontispiece to Essai sur l'Architecture by Marc-Antoine Laugier to the zero energy ETH-Zurich Monte Rosa Hut above Zermatt, Switzerland, shelters and huts hold a fascinating place in the domain of architecture – prodding architects to be sustainable, creative, philosophical and poetic.

Take a look at the work of the three winning teams:

1st Place: Timothy Khalifa / Gunn Chaiyapatranun

2nd Place: Jakob Uhlenhopp / Irfan Haider


3rd Place: Zain Islam-Hashmi / Kelly Li

Also finalists in this year's competition:
Somin Shim / Nicole Somi Lee-Park
Isadora Martins / Dana Kim
Yang Gao / Veronica Wang