UDBS & Quito’s Universidad de las Americas Collaborate on Vertical Gardening Prototypes


Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS) students worked alongside students from the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) in Quito, Ecuador in November. UDBS students and faculty traveled to Quito during the XX Pan American Bienal de Arquitectura to participate in the La Tolita Workshop, which itself was part of a larger research project and community-based design effort led by UDLA in Guapulo, a neighborhood in Northern Quito.

Students and faculty collaborated with a local settlement farmer on the development of prototypes for no-cost vertical gardening strategies predicated entirely on the use of waste material. The UDBS was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with UDLA's faculty and students. Special thanks to UDLA School of Architecture and Design Dean Mauricio Moreno Vintimilla for his generous support of the workshop, and for the energy and enthusiasm of UDLA faculty Nuria Vidal, Jose Antonio Serrano, and Grace Yepez.

The video above, narrated mostly in Spanish, was produced by UDLA.