Cy Kim, Mark Terra-Salomão and Kelsey Simpson Win Valentour Traveling Scholarships

Detail of Cy Kim's award submission

Fourth-year B.Arch students Cy Kim, Mark Terra-Salomão won this year's Louis F. Valentour Traveling Scholarship, Head of School Steve Lee announced in early April.

Detail of Mark Terra-Salomão's award submission

Students submitted retrospective of their work as architecture students to be considered for this award. Assistant Head Mary-Lou Arscott notes that "Cy's models demonstrate a wonderful working process, showing an evolution of thought through the actions of folding and perforating." Cy Kim intends to travel to southeast Asia.

Mark Terra-Salomão, Arscott says, presented both "wonderfully raw and refined models and writing indicating vigorous thinking. He manages to design for both contour and architecture." Terra-Salomão proposes travel to Portugal and Africa.

Detail of Kelsey Simpson's award submission

And Arscott praised Kelsey Simpson's "huge numbers of hand drawings, books and models. Her thesis proposal to consider critical issues around spaces of conflict particularly shines." Simpson plans to travel to Istanbul.

Louis F. Valentour established a generous traveling scholarship for undergraduate students in architecture who have completed their fourth year of study. The award is intended for travel outside the continental US. 

Congratulations, Cy, Mark, and Kelsey!

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