Katheryn Linduff

adjunct faculty

Katheryn Linduff is Adjunct Faculty with the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, and Professor Emerita in the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of History of Art and Architecture. She joined the faculty in 1973 and specializes in Eurasian and East Asian Art history and archaeology and holds appointments in both HAA and Anthropology (in Archaeology) and has guided PhD students in both Art History and Archaeology. Linduff is especially interested in the rise of complex society, and in the interplay of ethnic, cultural, and gender identity with economic and political change in antiquity. Her study of early China and Inner Asia has led to many books and papers and she has conducted a collaborative regional settlement survey in eastern Inner Mongolia that aimed to reconstruct social and political organization across the region from the late Neolithic (c. 4000 BCE) through to about 200 CE.

Linduff holds a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. In 2006, she received the Provost's Mentoring Award, University of Pittsburgh.