Joshua D. Lee

MMCH 415 (IW)


Joshua D. Lee


Assistant Professor


Joshua D. Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, and serves as the Track Co-Chair for the Master of Science in Architecture–Engineering–Construction Management (MSAECM) program.

His research interests include sustainable design, adaptable architecture, systems-based architecture, public interest design, post-occupancy evaluation, educational facilities, and qualitative and computational analysis of architectural language.

Joshua recently completed his Ph.D. in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin; his dissertation focused on the School Construction Systems Development (SCSD) project. Prior to that, he earned a Master of Architecture, Master of Sustainable Design, and BA in Marketing. Joshua served as a Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Restoration Institute at Clemson University and as an architect at SOM-NY, SHW Group/Stantec-Austin, and Davis Wince on a wide array of projects. He currently heads the Protean Design Collaborative.



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