Joshua D. Lee

MMCH 415 (IW)


Joshua D. Lee

Assistant Professor

Joshua D. Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, and serves as the Co-Track Chair for the Master of Science in Architecture–Engineering–Construction Management (MSAECM) program.

His research interests include sustainable design, adaptable architecture, systems-based architecture, public interest design, post-occupancy evaluation, educational facilities, and qualitative and computational analysis of architectural language.

Joshua recently completed his Ph.D. in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin; his dissertation focused on the School Construction Systems Development (SCSD) project. Prior to that, he earned a Master of Architecture, Master of Sustainable Design, and BA in Marketing. Joshua served as a Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Restoration Institute at Clemson University and as an architect at SOM-NY, SHW Group/Stantec-Austin, and Davis Wince on a wide array of projects. He currently heads the Protean Design Collaborative.



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