Irving Oppenheim

BP 107A | 412.268.2950


Irving Oppenheim

Professor, ARCHITECTURE and 
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Oppenheim has held a full-time faculty appointment at Carnegie Mellon, jointly between the Department of Architecture and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, since 1972. His background is in structural design; he is a Professional Engineer, and he frequently serves as a consultant for problems involving structural failure. 

In his current research he develops MEMS devices (micro-electromechanical systems) as sensors for structural health monitoring. In recent research activities he studied tensegrity structures, truss optimization within computer graphics, and the dynamics of unreinforced masonry structures. In past robotics research activities he studied rule-based programming for precast concrete building construction, spatial grammars to process constraints within coal mining operations, and the control of dynamically stable motion. In earthquake engineering research he studied seismic risk analysis of lifelines, and the dynamic response of a precast concrete building type. He is the author of 27 journal articles, more than 70 conference papers receiving critical review, and more than 50 other technical papers.