The Gindroz Prize for Travel was established to enrich lives and enhance education through travel and study of traditional architecture, urbanism, and music.

The School of Architecture is currently accepting applications for the 2018 award. Applications are due at 5:00pm EST on
1 December 2017. View the application form and instructions at the link below.


Hand drawing by Ray Gindroz

Hand drawing by Ray Gindroz

The Marilyn and Ray Gindroz Foundation was established to enrich lives and enhance education through travel in Europe and study of traditional architecture, urbanism, and music. The annual Gindroz Prize for Travel/Study in Europe will provide a $5,750 prize to each of the following: one (1) architecture and one (1) music student pursuing study in European towns and cities. BXA Architecture students are also eligible to apply. The prize recognizes the life-changing potential of becoming immersed in a culture, language, and environment that is different from one’s own. The prize emphasizes both intellectual and craft development. 


Architecture students will produce hand drawings and analyses, and Music students will attend performances and seek performance experience or training. Musicians are encouraged to experience the visual arts, especially the urban spaces of European cities, while architects are encouraged to attend musical performances. Students are required to present a three-minute digital presentation of their work, which can be either scans of selected drawings or recordings of performances, or a combination of both. Presentations will be due on the first day of classes of the fall semester following their experience abroad. 

Eligibility & Schedule

This award is open to full-time undergraduate Architecture students, BXA Architecture students in their third or fourth year of study, and graduate Architecture students in their first year of study of the Master of Urban Design (MUD) or Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required to apply.

Previous Award Winners

2017  |  Elizabeth Levy  |   An Intervention in Public Performance

2017  |  Theodore Teichman  |   Musical Heterotopias

2016  |  Abigayle Roemer  |   Classical and Folk Violin Pedagogy Traditions Across Europe

2015  |  Ashley Archie  |   A Spatial Analysis of the People and Places of London

2014  |  Allyson Edington  |   Clarinet Pedagogy in London, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Vienna

2013  |  Peter Salim  |   Composition of Conversations in the Chambers

2012  |  Talia Perry  |   Dance and Dynamic Modernity

2011  |  Weronika Balewski  |   A Musician’s Space in Society

2010  |  James Harvestus Locus III  |   The Practical and Theoretical Integration of Composition and Architecture

2009  |  Kaitlin Miciunas  |   Perception through Sound and Image, Architecture of the Ages

2008  |  Christian Kriegeskotte  |   Byzantine to Gothic and Baroque in the Spiritual Foundations of Eastern Europe

2007  |  Michael O’Gieblyn  |   Architecture as Frozen Music: Acoustics & Performance in the World’s Great Concert Halls