The School of Architecture recognizes and celebrates design excellence through the Bachelor of Architecture Fourth-Year Design Awards program. 

The School of Architecture will announce the call for applications for the next award cycle in the spring of 2019.

About the Awards

The 2017-18 theme for the Fourth-Year Design Awards, Processes, identifies a style of working that situates architecture within complex systems of material, labor, economy, technology, and ecology. How does one use architectural tools and methodology to critically engage, facilitate, or disrupt different types of processes?

Students learn early to carefully consider their personal design process—a series of actions or operations that lead to an end. Instead, this award challenges applicants to consider how their work interacts with natural, technological, or social phenomena, and responds to gradual change through time.

All fourth year students pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree are invited to submit a digital portfolio and a personal statement positioning their work in relation to the year’s theme.

The following Fourth-Year Design Awards are available to Bachelor of Architecture students at the conclusion of their fourth year in the program.

  • The Luther S. Lashmit and Louis F. Valentour Traveling Scholarships recognize design excellence and support international travel and research. All Bachelor of Architecture students in their fourth year of studies are eligible to apply to the multi-round program. SoA faculty review submissions and select up to eight (8) finalists to proceed to the second round, where shortlisted students stage an exhibit of their design work in the school and online through the SoA website. SoA faculty conduct a second jury of these finalists to select winners and runner-up(s). The faculty may elect to split the prize and award a scholarship to two (2) students.

  • The Stewart L. Brown Memorial Scholarship recognizes professional promise as measured in both attitudes and scholastic achievement. The award serves as a balance to the AIA Medal Award, which is given only on the basis of scholarship. All Bachelor of Architecture students in their fourth year of studies are eligible to apply. A jury convened by the Pittsburgh AIA will review the portfolios and select up to four (4) students for interviews with members of the Pittsburgh AIA leadership. The interviews will facilitate the determination of professional promise and ultimate selection of the awardee.

Students that elect to apply to the awards program are required to submit an anonymous 11” x 17” landscape format portfolio (PDF) of up to 25 pages (max 20MB) which includes their design work to date as well as a positioning statement, of up to 200 words, that situates their work within the awards program annual theme. Participants may include limited examples of work conducted during internships. Attributions and contributions by others to one’s projects must be clearly stated.

Students applying for the Luther S. Lashmit and/or Louis F. Valentour Traveling Scholarships must indicate if they would also like to be considered for the Stewart L. Brown Memorial Scholarship at the time of their submission. In addition to the design portfolio, applicants to the Stewart L. Brown award must also submit a statement of up to 200 words articulating their interests in professional practice. 


Awardees shall submit travel proposals following their selection and are required to receive proposal approval prior to the distribution of funds. Travel award winners are expected to provide a verbal and visual presentation of their travels and research to the School at the annual SoA spring awards celebration. All students receiving awards will be asked to write thank you notes to any scholarship sponsors or representatives.

Eligibility & Schedule

Beginning in 2018, the Fourth-Year Design Awards competition is open to all fourth-year undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree. All eligible students are invited to apply. 

The School of Architecture will announce the call for applications for the next award cycle in the spring of 2019.

Previous Award Winners

Luther S. Lashmit Traveling Scholarship

2018  |  Kelly Li

2017  |  Sophie Nahrmann

2016  |  Matthew Porter

2015  |  Gabriel Vidal Hallett

2014  |  Tony Zhang

2013  |  Rohan Rathod & Morgan Stampf

2012  |  Talia Perry

2011  |  Alex Greenhut

2010  |  John Soh

2009  |  David Kennedy

2008  |  Blake Lam

Stewart L. Brown Memorial Scholarship

2018  |  Miranda Ford

2017  |  Matthew Porter

2016  |  Laura Gonzalez

2015  |  Joel McCullough

2014  |  N/A

2013  |  Ibrahim Garcia-Bengochea

2012  |  Stephanie Newcomb

2011  |  N/A

2010  |  Yifei Lu

2009  |  Xianghu Wu

2008  |  Ben Saks

Louis F. Valentour Traveling Scholarship

2018  |  Elizabeth Levy

2017  |  Rachel Muse

2016  |  Cy Kim, Kelsey Simpson & Mark Terra-Salomao

2015  |  Gloriana Gonzalez

2014  |  Penelope Hopen & Amir Jahanibin

2013  |  Phillip Denny

2012  |  Jensen Ying

2011  |  Zachary Cohen

2010  |  Ellen Garrett

2009  |  Christopher Gallot

2008  |  Natale Cozzolongo