The Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture was established to promote continuity of the classical tradition in contemporary architectural practice.


The Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture has been established to promote continuity of the classical tradition in contemporary architectural practice. It encourages design excellence based on long-standing design principles that promote beauty and harmony in the built environment. Endowed by Mark Ferguson (Arch ’78) and Natalie Jacobs (Arch ’79), this prize of $5,000 is available in alternating years to students and faculty in the School of Architecture. The prize supports projects that explore the classical tradition as vital knowledge to an architect’s education, practice, and scholarship, or to individual apprenticeships and internships with a classical focus. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of knowledge of the classical tradition and impact on the wider School of Architecture community.


Applicants must submit a proposal which clearly explains the project purpose, research objectives, methods, and materials. Applicants are encouraged to consider the following questions when preparing their project proposals:

  • What is the project trying to achieve and why is it important?

  • Does this project or program relate to prior research or projects?

  • How would the project impact the applicant’s future?

  • What are the sources of inspiration for this project?

  • What is envisioned for the final project?

A panel comprised of, at a minimum, the Head of the School of Architecture, a member of the Design Studio sequence, a member of the History sequence, and a representative from the Institute for Classical Architecture and Classical America will review the proposals. The amount awarded and the selection of the recipients will be determined by the Head of the School of Architecture in consultation with the selection panel described above.

Eligibility & Schedule

The Ferguson Jacobs Prize in Architecture is awarded to School of Architecture faculty and students in alternating years.

Previous Award Winners

2018  |  Students of the Gerard Damiani ASO Studio Palladio: Institute + Archive   |  Student Award

2017  |  Matt Huber  |  Faculty Award  |  Type Specimen

2016  |  Carter Nelson |  Student Award

2015  |  Francesa Torello |  Faculty Award  |  Hall of Architecture of Carnegie Museum of Art Plaster Casts

2014  |  Carter Nelson |  Student Award  |  Study of Norwegian Stavkyrke (Stave) Churches

2013  |  Josh Bard  |  Faculty Award  |  Plaster Cast: Reanimating Historical Architectural Pedagogy Using Contemporary
             Digital Tools

2012  |  Tobie "Rain" Chan Kalin  |  Student Award  |  Study of Andrew Carnegie Libraries in Scotland, Ireland, and England

2011  |  Charles Rosenblum  |  Faculty Award

2010  |  Joseph Koon  |  Student Award

2009  |  Pablo Garcia  |  Faculty Award

2008  |  Anne Riggs |  Student Award  |  Travel to Greece and Turkey to investigate hybrid architecture resulting from cultural
             conflict and cross-fertilization of the region

2007  |  Diane Shaw  |  Faculty Award