Q: What scholarships and assistantships are available for a Master's student?

A: All admitted students will automatically be considered for a partial SoA Graduate Student Merit Scholarship. You will be notified within 3 weeks of your admission letter should you receive this award. These scholarships are awarded to exceptional students joining the School of Architecture based on the strength of their application and demonstrated potential for advancing in their careers. Merit-based scholarships are based upon the following criteria:

Fit for program, commitment to chosen field, clearly defined career goals (Statement of Purpose)
Relevant experience, demonstrated leadership (Resume)
Competitive standardized test scores (GRE)
Strong academic record (Transcripts)
Letters of recommendation
Portfolio (if required by program)


In addition, a Graduate Assistantship is available to full-time Master students in the Fall 2017 semester. This assistantship entails working as an employee of the University for approximately four (4) hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour for up to 67 hours a semester (up to $1000), based upon full-time enrollment. We offer Fall assistantships to all Master students; additionally, during the Fall, you may apply for a Spring assistantship. Spring assistantships are awarded based on Fall performance, academic standing, etc.

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