Michael Ford
BrandNu Design

Hip Hop Architecture and the Making of the Universal Hip Hop Museum
featuring DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore

M 12 September 2016 | 6:30pm | Kresge Theatre (map)
Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture

MICHAEL FORD, The Hip Hop Architect and designer of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, and legendary DJ GRAND WIZZARD THEODORE, the inventor of scratch, join to deliver a lecture on Hip Hop Architecture. Ford positions modernism at the apex of hip hop culture’s inception by highlighting the intersections of architecture and hip hop culture. Stimulating cross-disciplinary discourse on the sociological and cultural implications of architecture and urban planning on its inhabitants, Ford explores hip hop as a revolutionary approach to understanding, conceiving, and generating architecture for a just city. Using hip hop lyrics as dialogue, commentary, and counterpoints, Grand Wizzard Theodore will provide a live sound track as Ford reveals hip hop lyrics as modernism post occupancy report.