christina ciardullo

The Overview Effect: A Brief History Of Time, Space And Architecture
M 09 November 2015 | 6:30pm | Kresge Theatre
Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture

CHRISTINA CIARDULLO holds the current Ann Kalla Professorship in Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Ciardullo has a background in astronomy and philosophy and has held research positions at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture’s Space Architecture Lab and the Habitability Design Center at the NASA Johnson Space Center. In addition to terrestrial practice, including a resilient waterfront development and the Shanghai Planetarium with Ennead Architects, she has consulted in the lunar and martian endeavors of Foster+Partners and is founding member of SEArch, a consortium of architects designing for habitats for life in other atmospheres.


Space, Time and Architecture
Christina Ciardullo

inter·punct speaks with Christina Ciardullo about designing for the future, and delving into the unknown. Read the interview on the inter·punct website.

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