A stroll through our two historic buildings reveals students and faculty teaching a robot to plasma-cut metal in dFAB, developing pitch-perfect climate-control apps in the Intelligent Workplace, or hand-crafting furniture in the SHOP. All facilities welcome undergraduate and graduate students from day one, ensuring that our students are as expert with a table saw as with Rhino.

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A community of practice focused on the use of advanced digitally-driven design, prototyping, and manufacturing equipment, fostering a context through which students and faculty are better equipped to probe the potential of pervasive digital design and fabrication.

CoDe Lab

CoDe Lab is a proto-maker space with a curriculum based on post-disciplinary education. The space is designed to facilitate collaboration among architects, computer scientists, artists and engineers at the frontier of design and technology. The lab is currently assessing next steps in curriculum design as well as actively seeking to update internal computational, fabrication and prototyping resources.

Robert L. Preger
Intelligent Workplace

This living and lived-in office/laboratory provides hands-on experience with the performance of advanced integrated building technologies including acoustics, lighting and materials. It also affords interaction with leading researchers and professionals in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, government and the non-profit sector who visit to participate in research and demonstration projects. Research undertaken in the IW aims to improve organizational flexibility, technological adaptability, energy and environmental effectiveness, and the health, productivity and motivation of office workers. The IW is home to the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics but is open to all interested students.


The SHOP provides a setting for each member of the School of Architecture to explore the process of designing and creating handmade objects. In long-standing tradition, every first-semester student receives training in the SHOP and continues to develop classic wood- and metalworking skills until graduation.