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Generative Design Systems Exhibition - Code Lab/MMCH 403

  • CMU School of Architecture - Code Lab/MMCH 403 (map)

The School of Architecture invites you to attend the exhibition Generative Design Systems on Thursday 13 December from 12:00-2:00pm at the CodeLab in MMCH 403.

The course Design and Computation II focuses on generative systems for design – computational systems that can generate multiple design solutions or products automatically. In the last few weeks, our students selected a design topic and have been developing a generative system as a project. The projects in the exhibition are:

  • Envirosynthesis (Dan Cascaval)

  • Parametric Facade Generation (Pragya Gupta)

  • Glimpse (Xiaorui Li)

  • Architecture Generative Design (Shang Liu)

  • Garden Generator (Erik Ulberg)

  • Steel Frame Generator (Keshu Wu)

This is an informal exhibition and most of the projects are interactive, so you will be able to create your own designs.

Food and snacks will be provided.