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Alan Mallach “The Divided City” - Hamburg Hall

  • Hamburg Hall A301 (map)

Alan Mallach - The Divided City

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 | 5:00 pm | Hamburg Hall A301 (Teresa Heinz Classroom)

Alan Mallach, Senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress, Washington, DC, just published a book, The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America. The book has a focus on "Rust Belt" cities, also know as "Legacy" cities, that include Pittsburgh, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cleveland, and others in the US heartland. In many of those cities, despite revitalization of downtowns and some neighborhoods, the cities are losing population and wealth. Lower class whites and minorities are particularly vulnerable. The economic conditions for middle class and working families are also declining. Concentrated census tracks of poverty, particularly minority, are stark reminders of a Divided City. Smaller towns like Youngstown, Ohio, Gary, Indiana, and Johnstown, PA may be in permanent decline. The book not only documents past failure and the current stark reality, but also proposes an optimistic way forward with specific policy and development strategies in the concluding chapters.