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Gindroz Prize Exhibition: Polis Opening Event - The Frame Gallery

  • The Frame Gallery 5200 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 United States (map)

The Gindroz Prize Exhibition: Polis features students from the School of Music and School of Architecture, Theodore Teichman and Elizabeth Levy respectively, winners of the 2017 Gindroz Travel Prize. The Opening Event takes place on Saturday, 4 November beginning at 5:00pm. The show runs 3-5 November.

"sonic heterotopias explores the ephemeral and occluded features of the poetics of space through the process of sound recording as a compositional process. This project looks for the rhythms, cycles, paths, and timbres that define spaces (by their circulations, their programs, their acoustics, or their histories) and frames these as the basis of a way to structure music; for this work, these are found in the public transit systems, the churches, and the public spaces in all corners of Europe. The goal is to produce a new way of listening to the world and through that a new attention to that which is mystical, surreal, and evocative in the world around us, but is most often tuned out of our perception, caught up in the chaos of daily modern life.

- Theodore Teichman

Documenting the interventions of shared space across highly populated European cities by analyzing streets and plazas that have been recently adjusted to accommodate the pedestrian. The woonerf creates a sense of circulation and communication between the human, vehicle, and their interaction. Highlighting shared spaces based on nodes, edges, and landmarks demonstrates the commonalities of these public zones and perhaps reveals a safer joint space suited for the human and their means of social interaction.

- Elizabeth Levy"