1. RESERVATIONS: Students must show dFAB Staff a ready Rhinocam file to get reservation time on the machine. dFAB Staff will place and cancel all CNC Router machine time reservations.

2. CHECK IN: Before your Reservation begins, you must Check-In with a dFAB Staff Member. Surrender your Andrew ID Card, and retrieve an Equipment Tool Kit. After which, you may utilize the Equipment.

3. PREPARATION: NC Files should be sufficiently Prepared within (15) Minutes of your Reservation Start Time.

4. FINAL APPROVAL: Your File should be Re-reviewed and Simulated by dFAB Staff before Equipment Utilization.

5. POST: File must be Posted to the CNC Router Temp folder, on the dFAB Server- in a Folder with your Andrew ID as the Title. (dFAB DropBox – CNC Router/ Program/ Year/ AndrewID/ Post) dFAB Staff must edit the Code in your Post if your Material/Stock is less than or equal to 4′ Length by 4′ Width.

6. FASTENING: Set your Material on the CNC Work Table, and ensure the Material will hold properly by turning on the Vacuum Table via WinCNC Application Interface. For Material Larger than 4′ Length by 4′ Width, find and select the ‘VAC FULL’ Button within the WinCNC Interface. For Material smaller than or equal to 4′ Length by 4′ Width, find and select the ‘VAC FRONT’ Button within the WinCNC Interface. (VAC FULL = 8′X4′ Table Vacuum; VAC FRONT = 4′x4′ Front Table Vacuum) If your material does not hold, you may use Double-Sided Tape (provided in your Equipment Tool Kit), or brace your material with other scrap material pieces. Bracing Material must be less than or equal in Thickness; and less dense. (i.e. Foam is less Dense than Plywood) NOTE: Screwing your Material to the CNC Work Table is not approved!

7. PREVIEW: Preview your File within the WinCNC Interface by opening your Post File, then find and select the ‘Preview’ Button. Your Toolpaths will appear in the Preview Pane on the WinCNC Interface. Make certain that your Toolpaths are properly aligned with the Origin Point.

8. SIMULATE: Simulate your Post within the WinCNC Interface by loading your Post File, (this should be open already, see previous step) then find and select the ‘Simulate’ Button. A new window will appear with an Estimated Time of Completion in the lower Right-Hand Corner of the Window. PLEASE NOTE: You are limited to your Appointment Time! dFAB Staff will not approve extended Equipment Time for File Completion. Your Appointment will end (15) Minutes prior to the End Time, to allow for sufficient Clean-Up.

9. DUST COLLECTOR: Turn the Dust Collector ‘ON’ BEFORE your File Begins. This is a Manually Activated Button located on the Wall of the CNC Room. Green = ‘ON’; Red = ‘OFF’.

10. SAFETY: If you are in the CNC Room; you are REQUIRED to wear Protective Eye-Wear while the CNC Router is in Motion. These are available in your Equipment Tool Kit. Additional Safety Gear is also provided, but considered Optional: Breathing Mask & Ear Protection.

11. GO: After all previous tasks are completed; Find and Select the ‘Start’ Button within the WinCNC Interface. Alternately, you may Press the ‘ENTER’ Key, twice- to begin your CNC File.

12. PAUSE: Find and Select the large, gray, ‘PAUSE’ Button, within the WinCNC Interface. The CNC Equipment will Pause, but the Spindle and Vacuum Table will continue to Run. You may approach the Equipment, and perform various tasks- as long as you: are wearing Protective Eye-Wear, all loose clothing (scarves, long-sleeves) and hair is restrained, remain aware of moving parts.

13. STOP: Find and Select the large, red, ‘ABORT’ Button, within the WinCNC Interface. The CNC Equipment will retract to a safe ‘Z’ Clearance Height, and remain stationary on the ‘X’ and ‘Y’. The Spindle will REMAIN ON! To continue safely utilizing Equipment, you must turn the Spindle ‘OFF’ by finding and selecting the small, gray ‘SPINDLE’ Button, within the WinCNC Interface.

14. EMERGENCY: Immediately remove yourself from danger. aDO NOT remain or return to the room unless it is SAFE to do so. bIF THE AREA IS SAFE, find and depress the red, ‘E-STOP’ Button, located on the FRONT, TOP, RIGHT-HAND Corner of the Blue Controller Box. Contact a dFAB Employee immediately.

a Please allow the Equipment to continue its process. Collisions, Material Interference, and Tool Breakage are all possible outcomes. However, your safety is of immediate and prominent concern. Allow the Equipment ‘run its course’, if necessary.

b Alternately, you can find and PULL the pink/orange E-STOP Cord, running around the entire machine. This is a less preferred method, due to the proximity of the User and the Equipment.

15. CLEAN: You must stop any existing processes on the CNC Equipment within (15) Minutes of your Equipment Reservation End Time. After ALL Processes have terminated, you must return the Equipment and the Area back to its original state. Scrap Materials must be taken to the Dumpster, located behind MMCH. (Trashcans are available upon request, must be emptied before they are returned) Brooms, Dust Collector Hoses, and Air-Tools are all provided and located within the CNC Room for your dust & debris cleaning needs. Users are REQUIRED to wear Breathing Masks while cleaning the CNC Room. dFAB Staff is NOT Required to assist ANY Student User with Clean-Up or Large Scrap Removal. Please plan accordingly.

16. CHECK OUT: Return the Equipment Tool Kit with all items in tact and accounted for. After dFAB Staff reviews and approves Equipment and Area Sufficiency, your Andrew ID Card will be returned to your possession.



Workzone Size: <= 8′x4′Maximum Material Thickness: 5″Available Milling Tool Diameter: .25″; .375″; .5″; .75″ (Carbide & High-Speed Steel)Available for Purchase Milling Tool Diameter: .0625″; .125″; Various Compression Spiral Tools (Carbide)Available Drilling Tool Diameter: 3mm; 5mm; 6mm; 8mm (Carbide)

Miscellaneous Milling Tools: Engraving, Compression, Lollipop

Available Application Environments: RhinoCAM, MasterCAM, WinCNC, Rhinoceros, Illustrator

Important Notes:
1. Approved Materials: Plastics, Lumber, Foam

2. Disallowed Materials: Homasote, Drywall, Steel (Ferrous Metals)

3. See Manager Regarding Milling Operations involving: Aluminum, Plastics

4. The CNC Equipment is for Research & Learning Purposes ONLY. Crafts, Gifts, ‘Buggies’, and Carnival Projects are disallowed on this Equipment.

5. Files MUST be prepared before creating Equipment Reservations.

6. Dust Collection Systems must be turned ‘ON’. Protective Eyewear is REQUIRED. Dust Masks and Ear Protection are provided and highly recommended. Closed-Toe Shoes are also recommended.

7. Fire is a primary concern when utilizing this Equipment; as a result, you are REQUIRED to stay within the CNC Room/Area while your Job is running. If a Fire should occur, STOP the Job, and notify dFAB Staff immediately.