Advanced Synthesis Options Studio: Furniture

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There is a creative core in people which is much more closely related to the hand than to the head. This core is universal and is the source of the connection that all people can feel with something well made. It is the source of an intrinsic meaning that handmade objects have and that all people understand. 

Bench for Two People (Thick and Thin) S15 | William Aldrich (B.Arch 2017)

This studio connects the inexperienced maker with the universal meanings that emerge in objects made by hand. The course teaches students to trust their eyes, hands, and intuition. This trust is the substance of self-reliance. Handmade objects express the perception, physicality, sensitivity, and passion of the maker. Making things in this studio is like cooking from scratch: constructing an object from scratch opens levels of design opportunity not available when you select options off the shelf. It initiates an intimacy with the design process from inception through final production. It links form with material through the hand and touches you in a way not available in regular architectural practice. It can provide deep personal satisfaction. This furniture studio seeks to generate form in direct response to the material, guided by the capabilities of machines and tools available, while responding to ergonomic considerations. It emphasizes the use of hand tools and power machinery. It is a non-digital studio.


Upright Chair (Curves) F14 | Samuel Friedman (B.Arch 2015)

Chair (Curves) S15 |
Kimberley Schuessler (B.Arch 2015)

Bench for Two People (Thick and Thin) S15 | Aileena Gray (B.Arch 2017)

Bench for Two People (Thick and Thin) S15 | Brian Bollents (B.Arch 2017)

Banner image: Bench for Two People (Thick and Thin) S15 | Dan Sztanga (B.Arch 2015)